1. On Tuesday night I drove to Leesburg, VA for the SKYWARN Basics 1 class. I wouldn't describe it as riveting, exactly, but you do learn some interesting stuff about how NWS works, how to find stuff on their website, the sorts of hazards they monitor, and how individual "spotters" can contribute (and when to call vs. email vs. use the web form they provide).

    The training followed this document pretty closely.

  2. I put 'Comics' in my header, so I should probably say what I've been reading📚!

    I've really enjoyed getting in to early HELLBLAZER-- I feel like a chump for waiting 39 years of life before reading Constantine (who I've encountered in other books, sometimes under a different name).

    While I was sick last weekend, I read all four volumes of Kill or Be Killed. There are some good twists and surprises there, but I think the narration was my favorite element?

  3. This is mostly a placeholder while I work out how I want publishing on this site to work. I've been doing more reading and thinking than coding, lately-- but things are starting to crystalize.