Sometimes I play games

  • I still haven’t entirely kicked the Marvel Snap habit, but I feel like I’ve made peace with it. It’s a thing I enjoy, so I shouldn’t beat myself up about it. I think I’m paraphrasing Ted Lasso here.
  • When on the phone or tablet, and not Snap-ing, I’ve been playing Slice and Dice
  • I recently spent about an hour or two digging in to Book of Hours. I don’t love it yet, but after reading the two Alexis Kennedy books, I want to dive back in and try to pay more attention to the actual writing. Likewise, I want to revisit Cultist Simulator (which I at least got to the point with where I could seemingly live indefinitely without accomplishing much) and Sunless Sea (which I only launched once, but haven’t really played).
  • I spent a little time today finally playing Dome Keeper. I’m only one run in, but I’ll be coming back. So far: good game, great atmosphere.
Ross Karchner @rossk