Brakes Escape update

I’ve done a round of post-jam tweaking on Brakes Escape. The game no longer simply stops generating new platforms (and walls!) once you hit a certain level, sound effects have been added, and some bugs have been fixed. To make things a little more difficult, I’ve introduced “solid” platforms that you can’t jump through, and made the rising water gradually increase in speed.

There are still some things I’m unsatisfied with:

  • the death animation is pretty janky
  • the water is portrayed as just a translucent blue sheet that rises. I’d like it to look more like water.
  • Some sound effects are still missing, and there’s no music
  • I think it needs more platform types (like conveyor belts) and some additional hazards (enemies?) to really be interesting and fun.

So, what’s next? I think I want to adapt the game for mobile, while working on the above items.

I do plan to update the web version at least once more, to generate a single-threaded version once Godot 4.3 is released (soon?).

Ross Karchner @rossk