My son and I are still making tweaks to the roguelike that resulted from following @selinadev@indiepocalypse.social’s tutorial: a new spell, visual effects, weapons, and new enemies. I enjoy the collaboration, so we’ll probably keep it going for a while.

The most notable new feature is a minimap! It still needs work, but I’m happy that I was able to get it working. This is my first time writing Godot code that generates a graphic from scratch. Every pixel in the minimap represents one tile in the current dungeon. Right now, it draws the entire graphic (walks the entire array of tiles) on every turn, which seems excessive and dumb. On the other hand, it’s performing OK, so “fixing” that might be a premature optimization.

In theory, the next Godot Wild Jam starts next Friday, I was thinking I might give that a try.

Ross Karchner @rossk