Back to making

One week turned into three weeks, but I feel like I’ve worked that particular digital addiction out of my system (and diving in to Snap has actually helped crystalize an idea I’ve been thinking about, so it wasn’t entirely a waste). OK, back to making stuff.

My current idea for the 20 second game jam is really simple and pretty wonky: a trainer for being able to differentiate times shorter than a second (say, 500ms vs 700ms). Back in 2015 I went to some Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) training where this was mentioned as a useful skill for SRE’s. I didn’t entirely give up, but at that moment my dream of ever being an SRE seemed a little more remote.

There are some optional themes for the jam, but I think time itself is a sort of implied theme, and pondering that brought the SRE training back to mind. Thankfully, this isn’t a judged competition, so nobody else has to necessarily get it. Since the idea itself is so simple, I do want to lean in to trying to make it as fun and engaging as I can.

I’ve also started futzing with a client written in Godot. We’ll see if that goes anywhere.

Ross Karchner @rossk