Why a blog

I’ve maintained a blog on and off for most of the past decade. I helped organize the blogging community in Harrisburg, PA, met a lot of cool people, and the thing that defines my personal brand and opened as many doors for me as much as anything else (DC Tech Events) started off as a weekly blog post.

Blogging has been good to me.

The point has been made that everyone is a blogger these days– they just call it Twitter and Facebook. Having a domain name with your own private writing space has become weird and geeky again, like it was in 2002.

I still think it’s useful to have my own outpost on the web, that I can customize, hack, and migrate between hosting providers and platforms. I’ve considered making that outpost something other than a blog, but this suits me for the moment.

I don’t lack things to say, and blogging about blogging is particularly asinine. I just need to get back in the habit.

4 thoughts on “Why a blog”

  1. I actually have a Yegge-post called "Why Blog" that I wrote when I migrated m.odul.us a few years ago, and it felt so asinine that it's stayed a draft for years later. Even though I so rarely do blog, I think I understand why you'd want to keep one.

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