On the pound cake— generally fine. The glaze was perhaps too tart and/or sweet (Patty thinks the former, me the latter), which made the end pieces (glazed on five of six sides) basically unbearable. I had an inside piece this morning, which was much nicer.

The cake itself tasted… like pound cake. Score!

Screen Shot 2011 11 11 at 7 24 27 AM

Lessons learned

I think the glaze was basically sound, I just used too much of it. It also absorbed into the cake more than I wanted. I wonder how you fix that?

3 thoughts on “verdict”

  1. I typically make it unglazed, but I will say, after trying a couple poundcake recipes, the one from ratio is easily my favorite. Also, for popovers, if you follow the recipe from ratio and add cinnamon and a bit of extra vanilla extract, and serve with warm syrup, they taste like french-toast.

      1. I just use a muffin tin. We like 'em enough that if I see one on sale again, I'll get a popover pan, because I think that will make an actual difference; we didn't want to buy any cooking equipment that specialized before we tried making them a few times though, and lately I've been making Dutch Babies (it's a real thing; check America's Test Kitchen) for breakfast in our cast iron skillet instead of popovers.

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