Using Reminders to get better at Omnifocus

This might seem redundant: I’m using one task management tool (the reminders app built into iOS) to help me improve my usage of another(Omnifocus).


Part of this has to do with the ‘blessed’ status of Reminders: as one of the built-in apps (a peer of Mail, Calendar, and Contacts) its basically always up-to-date. Omnifocus, on the other hand, needs to be open to sync. If a task is due at 5pm, and I check it complete from my Mac at 3pm, I’ll still get pop-up reminders on my iPad and iPhone until Omnifocus is updated.

My intention is for these reminders to be temporary- these are simply habits I want to build. Where my task management has been failing me lately is in these transition contexts: things I want to do or take with me when I leave in the morning, or leave work, or on the weekends when my schedule is more complex than “work” and “home”

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