Still here

That thing I just posted was sitting in my drafts for a few weeks. This blog feels abandoned, and I’ve gotten out of the blogging habit. My writing itself seems to have suffered, too.

OK. Lets change that. I’m going to try posting every day this month (and twice today, to make up for yesterday).

In the spirit of Warren Ellis’s occasional who I am and where I am, here’s your Ross update:

  • I’m about a month into my new job at CFPB, building web apps with Django and doing the occasional GIS task.
  • Until recently, I was trying to start a company around my “EVENTGRINDER” software, but I’ve shut down all the business stuff and have posted the code to Github. Along with this blog, EVENTGRINDER is looking pretty dusty these days, but expect some updates soon. It’s my intention to turn EG into an active open source project.
  • I use EVENTGRINDER to manage and edit DC Tech Events.
  • I’ve been learning a lot about food lately– nominally to improve my cooking, but I’ve also enjoyed becoming a more educated eater. I want to use this space to write about food, beer, and my journey into foodnerdery.
  • I’m almost finished with the GIS program at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), it’s down to electives at this point.

Online, I’m most active on Twitter, but can also be found on Facebook and Google+.

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