Some DCWeek ideas I like

Digital Capital Week is happening November 4th-11th this year and, like last year, everyone can submit and vote on ideas. Here are a few that (I humbly submit) ought to have more votes.

Micropreneurs & Bootstrappers

This one interests me for obvious reasons.

Overview of the Baltimore Tech Scene

I’ve enjoyed being able to see how the tech community in Baltimore is evolving, via twitter, the calendar, and this awesome tracking document. A chance to take a deeper dive? Sign me up.

Intrigue Me! Writing Compelling, Credible Content

I really enjoyed Stephanie’s talk on resume writing at Refresh last year, and would love to see her talk about writing more generally.

Get Your Glyph On: The Power of Typography

If there’s an area of design I desperately want to understand better, it’s typography.

Data Privacy, Who Cares? Should You?

This is just too important to only have 25 votes.

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