Recent cooking

Since The Great Poundcake Débâcle of 2011, we’ve made:

  • Bread— other than being baked in  a loaf pan instead of the dutch oven, there isn’t much to report. It sure is nice that having fresh baked bread at home is nothing special anymore. This is progress.
  • Yeast Waffles ala Cooking for Geeks– quite tasty.
  • Beet Rosti a staple at our house. It didn’t quite come together this time, though: it was more like a beet hash than a beet pancake. I have theories.
  • Pizza— Wasn’t as crispy as I’d like, but still OK. Next time: pizza stone.
  • Croutons— hell yeah I made croutons. This is leftover bread from the batch above.

IMG 0299

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