Patty and I have volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner this year. She’s a vegetarian, and I’ve never cooked a turkey before– so this should be an adventure. I’m in charge of turkey and stuffing.

The first result when I googled “turkey brine” is this complete recipe from Alton Brown, and honestly it sounds really good, so I’m going to attempt it. My 5 gallon bucket is on it’s way, and tomorrow I’m cooking up a batch of vegetable stock.

We’re already using an electric roaster for the bird (it’s been in the family for years, I’m not sure who actually owns it), and it makes sense to keep the oven free for other dishes. Thus, I’m going to try this slow-cooker method for stuffing. The recipe calls for chicken stock (which Patty won’t eat), so I’ll be substituting more of vegetable stock.

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