Pre-debunking Fox 5’s Story on the Comics Menace, Based on the 15 Second Promo Ad that aired during Football last night

The promotional clip follows the usual local-news scare story outline : Here’s a hazy transcript:

  • [Picture of an Archie comic]  some nonsense about comics not being “what they used to be”, ignorant of history.
  • [successive shots of modern comics for adults] Sex! Violence! Some equally outrageous third thing that I can’t recall!
  • [clip of an interview of a guy in a comic shop]
  • Find out how to “K.O.” this comics menace, Wednesday at 5!

I think the report will imply that comics are somehow a uniquely harmful to kids, and worth Freaking Out about. They aren’t.

The only reason to single out comic books is that is that they’ve historically been an easy target. It’s a subculture that’s small and generally misunderstood, and there’s almost no risk to painting it as The Enemy of All That is Good and Wholesome.

The same problems exists across all media: There’s nothing (content, theme, or maturity level) you’ll find in a comic shop that you couldn’t find in a book store, library, game shop, cable TV, the multiplex, or THE INTERNET. We either live in a world where art can be made by and for adults, or we live in a world where everything must be appropriate for children.


update: Here’s the clip.

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