Password de-escalation

For a time, I was good.

1Password is a wonderful tool– simply great. With it, you can easily make sure you have a strong and unique password. When you have 1Password on every device you spend serious time on, it can’t be beat.

At my last job, this was exactly the situation. I had a Mac at home, a Mac at work, and an iPhone, all happily running 1Password and syncing with Dropbox.

These days, I have a PC and Mac at work(don’t ask), no ability to install software on the PC, and any sort of cloud syncing is probably… Minor treason?

So, I have these random and essentially un-memorizable passwords, that I occasionally need (or just want) to use from one of the work machines. What do I do? Usually, one of these:

  • pull up the relevant password on my phone or iPad
  • email it to myself
  • stick it in evernote (simultaneously making sure my Evernote password is saved on every machine)

The first is inconvenient and error-prone. The others are simply stupid. The Evernote thing is particularly jackass-tastic.

What’s the right solution, then?

It seems to me that I need to come up with memorable and unique passwords for any service I expect to log in to during the work day.

It’s funny how much this feels like defeat.

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