owning up to my embarrassing cluetrain signature

It was really cool to find New Clues this week– a new dispatch in the spirit of the original 1999 Cluetrain Manifesto, but written for today’s post-Facebook, post-Snowden, post-Big-Data world. You should read it.

Back in 1999 the manifesto was assigned reading in a class I was taking at RIT. I don’t recall if we were asked to submit a signature, or if I was just on overachiever. In an attempt to say something deep and meaningful (or at least something that sounds deep and meaningful), I wrote:

What should be obvious, but isn’t, Is that it is the people under 25 in the front of the cluetrain, and the kids in high school with their eyes on the drivers seat. Everything and everyone else is fuel and cargo.


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