Inching towards timezone independence

Currently, every “eventsite” (a distinct calendar, running on it’s own domain, like has a set timezone. This made sense when I was only thinking about calendars as representing a single place.

This was clearly an oversight on my part, though— as I almost immediately wanted to create calendars that were attached to a topic, but not a place. Specifically, I was working with John to create a worldwide calendar of accessibility events. 

In such a calendar, how much sense does it make to normalize all events to a single timezone? I’m thinking none.

If I’m sitting here in DC, looking at a worldwide calendar of GIS events— does it do me any good to know that a OpenStreetMap meetup scheduled for 6pm in London is 11pm my time? If the event is streaming, or taking place partially online, maybe— but otherwise? I don’t think so.  

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