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If you aren’t familiar with comic book stores, most let you “subscribe” to the titles you like– You provide a list of comics you like, and they’ll be put aside every week. You can generally walk in and give them your box number, name, or (if you’ve been there a while), they’ll just know which comics are yours. It’s kind of nice.

Since moving to DC at the end of 2005,  I’ve been a subscriber of several fine comics shops.

So, here are the shops where I’ve kept my subscriptions:

  • Aftertime Comics (Old Town, Alexandria)
  • Alliance Comics (Silver Spring)
  • Big Planet (Vienna, VA)
  • NOVA Comics (Springfield, VA)

I’d settled in with NOVA comics, and was looking forward to being a customer for a long time. Then, news came that the store was shutting down on October 23rd. I asked what had happened and was told that, after the passing of the owner in February (Gary A Johns), his daughter had been trying to sell the shop. A buyer stepped forward, but has failed on several attempts to secure a loan. The date when she would have to choose whether to renew the store’s lease for 3 more years was approaching, and she chose to shut the operation down.

NOVA Comics closed it’s doors on 10/23, as scheduled, but then a really cool thing happened: Louis Meyer (A NOVA customer) decided to start up a new shop, and even hire some of the NOVA staff. Game On! Comics will be open for business on December 1st.

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The bad news (for me), is that the Game On! will be in Vienna– which is a bit of a hike from Lorton. The reason I went to NOVA Comics in the first place was that I really didn’t like trudging all the way out to Big Planet (Vienna) to get my comic fix.

I’m still deciding what this all means for my future as a comics reader. I’m about halfway to deciding that I’m done with traditional print comics– that it’d be better to support online comics, and comics-related Kickstarter projects, than to keep doing the comic-book-store-dance.

On the other hand, I haven’t told Game On! to delete my subscriptions yet, either.

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  1. Ross,
    I am glad that you decided to keep on with Game On! Comics.  I promise you that we are going to be a place like no other comic shop.  We will make it exciting to get your print comics again.  I look forward to meeting you.

    Louis Meyer

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I do look forward to checking out the store. Are you going to enforce any kind of time-between-box-pickups, rule? (Like, would I have to come in at least once a month or something?) That might make it hard for me to remain a subscriber.

  2. I know the staff and owner of this shop, and promise that you will not be disappointed!  The energy and passion that Louis has for games and comics is infectious.  I can't wait till the doors open!

  3. Nice to see someone else struggle with the LCS decisions in NOVA and the DC Metro.  I also moved to the area in Oct. 05 and was surprised at how hard it was to switch to a new LCS.  No one offered decent discounts at all.  10 % was the best I saw anywhere near me.  I switched to for mail order almost immediately. Six or seven years of that has given way to Digital.  I sold pretty much everything I had except a few personal favorites(Flash and Usagi Yojimbo) and everything else is either a trade or digital.  I recommend it highly. 

    1. I never really considered the discounts more than a nice-to-have.

      It's funny, by my count Vienna has 3 comic shops in about two-ish miles, and south Fairfax county is basically a comics desert.

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