Final thoughts on ‘Introduction to the Culinary Arts’ at the Lorton Workhouse

Remember that thing where I was posting about cooking class every week? Yeah, I’m bad at that.

There are a few things I want to note, though:

  • Consider it recommended. I learned a lot and had fun– and there’s not much more I would ask for.
  • Chef Kathleen Linton apparently Googles her own name, so I imagine she’ll find this 😉
  • If you are considering this, and have taken classes at fancier places (like Culinaerie), you might be thrown off by the equipment and space situation. If you aren’t comfortable cooking with portable electric griddles and burners, on plastic folding tables, this might not be the place for you.
  • or, perhaps it is! Being able to deal with limited resources and a fluid situation is at least as important as, say, being able to chop an onion without bleeding.
  • or, perhaps it will be. It seems like the Workhouse really wants to invest in the culinary program, and Chef Kathleen hinted that she may be getting a real kitchen soon.
  • Knife skills aren’t actually emphasized that much. You’ll learn how to hold a knife and cut, but not so much about the fancier things, like how to julienne vegetables or turn a potato
  • on the other hand, you will chiffonade the hell out of all sorts of leafy things.
  • you will make fantastic food– seriously, some of the best things I’ve eaten were at our 9pm dinners at the end of class.
  • The menu’s can be pretty intimidating, until it sinks in that the work gets divided among the class.
  • the flip side is that you won’t work on every dish– this can be a letdown.
  • perhaps the most telling thing of all: this was supposed to be a 6-week class. After the 6th class, we were given the option to continue another six weeks (paying the full price again). Everyone in class opted to take the second session.

If you’re interested, you can sign up at


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