event submission form 2011

Unless you work on Plancast, Localist, Google Calendar, Upcoming, Trumba, or Calagator, I’ve probably spent more time think about event submission forms than you have. Just sayin.

I was mostly pleased with the submission for in the current version of Eventgrinder, which looks like this:


Screen shot 2011 07 14 at 10 15 59 PM

One idea I had early on, but didn’t implement there, was that multi-day events should be able to have a different time for each day. In most calendar software, you would say an 3 day conference (for example) starts at 8am Tuesday, and ends at 5pm Thursday. This gets interpreted as 8am-5pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That just always strikes me as inflexible.

I’ve also thought about how important ending times are. In the version below, I’ve opted not to include them.

Here’s where I’m at, right now:

Screen shot 2011 07 14 at 10 12 53 PM

It includes both of those ideas, and also hides the fields for location and ticket (or RSVP) information, unless those are desired.

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