Here’s what I’m working on, and when I plan to get them going.

Share Events

Share Events wil be a brand new site for publishing, and following events and calendars.  I’d like to have Version Zero (my name for things that aren’t quite done, but done enough to actually use and show people) ready before the end of the year.

Share Events Zero will feature

  • an improved aggregator that supports more types of calendars than EVENTGRINDER, including calendars published with PUSHCal.
  • The publishing side of PUSHCal as well
  • The creation of composite calendars, in the style of today’s EVENTGRINDER sites.

What happens to current EVENTGRINDER sites?

The aggregating functionality will be migrated to Share Events, and these sites will become simple PUSHCal clients. I’m going to try running this as an open source project. Ideally this would be done about the same time as Share Events, but I’m aiming for the end of January.

DC Tech Daily

Also, I’ve been sketching out an idea for how I’d want a daily local tech newsletter to work. More soon, but I’m not putting a deadline on it quite yet.

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