Fox DC on Comics

The Fox 5 story on comic books is now online– it’s more nuanced than I expected, but still pretty silly.

The biggest problem (and I hinted at this in my earlier post) is that stories like this treat comics as a genre and not a media. Criticizing comics on the DC relaunch is like judging the film industry on Deuce Bigalow 2.

There’s at least one extremely fair point in there, though: The advertisements in many “mature” comics do seem to target kids. That seems like a tacit admission that the publishers intend (or at least expect) them to end up in kids hands.

But why, after establishing that these comics aren’t for children, does Sherri Ly take them to a middle school “to see what kids think”? For the same reason she shows us comparisons between the older/more innocent and new darker/adult versions of Batman, Catwoman, and Starfire: it’s a forced attempt to manufacture outrage.


Relaunched Comics Using Sex and Violence To Sell:


Help kids learn to code

CodeNow is a DC non-profit that teaches kids to code, and they need donations. It seems like a good program:

The Five Parts To Our Program:

1) Weekend Training: Each student selected participates in one weekend training. On Day 1, students will learn basics in programming with Hackety Hack, an open source program teaching basics in Ruby. On Day 2, using Lego Mindstorms, (robotic kits made out of Legos), students works in team to build and program robots.

2) Projects: After the weekend training students will complete online assignments and projects to hone their skills

3) BootCamp: Students will attend a bootcamp from December 27-30, during which they will receive intensive training in the programming language Ruby.

4) Netbooks: Each student who completes the weekend training and bootcamp will receive a netbook. We feel it’s important for students to be able to practice their skills. The netbook is a tool which will allow them to do so.

5) Alumni Network: All students who complete the trainings and bootcamp will be invited to join our Alumni network where they will receive mentoring, assistance finding internships, and invitations to attend hackathons and other events.