Caramel, take 2 (and 2.5)

For my second attempt at The Caramel, I got much better results using real cream (instead of the butter + milk hack), except that the finished product was too soft. It would certainly make a great desert topping, but It just wasn’t candy.

At Patty’s suggestion, I looked into ways to “fix” caramel. After reading through this chowhound thread, I understood that there were two solutions:

  • Increase the ratio of regular sugar to inverted sugar.
  • Cook it too a higher temperature

I already thought I detected just a hint of “burnt” in the caramel syrup– not unpleasant, but I didn’t want to push it further in that direction. I went with the first option.

I cooked up an additional cup and a half of sugar (with enough water for it to look wet) until it hit 350, and then poured in the existing caramel. After stirring until it seemed like they had mixed, I poured it all back out to cool.

It didn’t completely blend, and the finished caramel has some bits that are hard-candy crunchy. Still, it’s stable and mostly edible, a definite improvement over the last batch.



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