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I previously mentioned that I was using OmniFocus to keep a list of recipes, techniques, and other cooking related things I want to try/learn/eat/do, and that I would write a post about that.

This isn’t that post.

What this is, is a quick testimonial for the usefulness of TextExpander. The gist of TextExpander is that you assign a short abbreviation to a longer piece of text, and then whenever you type the abbreviation, it’s replaced (Expanded) with the long version. It can actually do quite a bit more (like, run shell scripts and Applescript commands), but text-replacing is it’s core functionality.

in my OmniFocus project, I’m using this for referencing the book and page where particular recipes are found. A recipe item with a reference looks like this:

Baked Apples with brandy and honey (The Family Meal p/106)

The abbreviation I’ve assigned to The Family Meal is “tfm”. In TextExpander, it looks like this:

Screen Shot 2011 11 13 at 9 06 02 AM

The funny looking %| thing tells TextExpander where to position the cursor after expanding the abbreviation, so to get:

(The Family Meal p/106)

What I typed was simply:

tfn 106

TextExpander for Mac is for sale at and the Mac app store. There’s an iOS version, too– but I honestly haven’t found it that useful yet (and now, text expansion is built into iOS 5).

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  1. Jean from Smile, here. — thanks for the mention. That is another smart way of using TextExpander. Have you tried using TextExpander touch with one of the apps that has TextExpander support? It's really handy for writing and all the top writing apps have TE support. (Except for Pages, of course.)

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