Humble music series

One year and six days ago, I decided to get excited about blogging again, and then proceeded to write exactly four more posts over the next year. I like writing, I like having a public platform, but I pretty much failed to put in the time.

To be fair to myself, 2013 was a pretty huge year: we had a baby, and (after 13 years away) I went back to college. I’m not upset or surprised that I didn’t blog much. I started to consider shuttering this site (a poorly-tended blog is worse than no blog at all), but just couldn’t do it.

So, let’s try this instead: the last refuge of the lazy blogger. A series.

I love the Humble Bundle— you get a great deal on a handful of games(and less often, music or books), and some of your money goes to charity. Often, with a game purchase, you’ll also get the soundtrack. I also bought the Jim Guthrie and Friends bundle when it was available, which included some games (with soundtracks by Guthrie) and a bunch of his non-game albums. When I look at my Humble Bundle Account there are 84 “albums”.

Even if some of the albums are only a few minutes long, that’s a lot of music. This week, I’m going to spend my commuting time listening to the Sword & Sworcery soundtrack, with the intention to write up some thoughts about it by the end of the week. If it goes well, I’ll pick a different soundtrack or album next week!