Back to school

I left something big off the “projects” list in my last post:

13 years ago, I left RIT on academic probation and owing the school several thousand for a bounced check (not one of my prouder moments). I’ve started the process of enrolling with the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies, hopefully to finish my degree (though it’s more accurate to say I’m starting a new degree, and transfering in my RIT and other credits).

So, this should be fun 😉

Hey 2013

I start and stop blogging on a pretty regular cycle. Usually I’m pretty sheepish about this, but this time, I’m embracing it. Who knows what my next blogging burnout/rebirth cycle will look like?

In this iteration, I want to use the blog to document (and to an extent, catalyze) some projects I want to work on and patterns I want to develop:

  • Improve my ability to focus and single-task.
  • Deepen my understanding of open source tools I use every day, like git, vim, Bash, Django, and Linux
  • Get better at Javascript, and productive with C
  • Learning golf (really!)
  • Finally doing something with the Arduino gathering dust in my closet
  • Switching to Linux, and generally an embrace of things open and non-proprietary