Tuesday Morning Links

Link blogging like it’s 2006!

    New on EVENTGRINDER Sites: Weekly Roundup Feed

    Nothing earth-shattering, but all EG sites now offer an RSS feed of the weekly, Monday-morning roundup. Here’s the feed for DC Tech Events.

    The reason this exists is that I’m replacing some over-complicated machinery for scheduling email using the Mailchimp API with these feeds and MC’s RSS campaign feature.

    This is not a knock against the API— it’s a thing of beauty. I did a poor job building that piece of EVENTGRINDER, and this move provides an opportunity to retire that code, while also providing an additional bit of functionality some people might prefer.

    More Chrome/Evernote/Applescript geekery

    After reading Paul Stamatiou’s excellent design-for startups article, I got interested in keeping a scrapbook of web designs I like— for inspiration and further study.

    I have nothing against Little Snapper— I just don’t need another “capture” app in my life, and I’d rather keep that $30. I figured there had to be a way to glue together things I already had.

    And hey, it works! This is only 25 lines, but it combines Chrome, Evernote, and the excellent freeware Paprazzi web-to-image tool to do exactly what I want