Some DCWeek ideas I like

Digital Capital Week is happening November 4th-11th this year and, like last year, everyone can submit and vote on ideas. Here are a few that (I humbly submit) ought to have more votes.

Micropreneurs & Bootstrappers

This one interests me for obvious reasons.

Overview of the Baltimore Tech Scene

I’ve enjoyed being able to see how the tech community in Baltimore is evolving, via twitter, the calendar, and this awesome tracking document. A chance to take a deeper dive? Sign me up.

Intrigue Me! Writing Compelling, Credible Content

I really enjoyed Stephanie’s talk on resume writing at Refresh last year, and would love to see her talk about writing more generally.

Get Your Glyph On: The Power of Typography

If there’s an area of design I desperately want to understand better, it’s typography.

Data Privacy, Who Cares? Should You?

This is just too important to only have 25 votes.

Clipping recipes with JotNot and Evernote

I have to admit I downloaded JotNot without having much of an idea for how I’d use it. It sounded interesting and useful, and I’m generally eager to try new apps that integrate with Evernote.

JotNot uses your phone’s camera as a document scanner. Snap a picture, identify the four corners of the page (it does a pretty good job of this by itself, but might need some help), tap “process” and you get something like a scanned document. It won’t be as high-quality an image as you get from a desktop scanner, and as a result of some image processing meant to enhance text, photo’s will look pretty awful.


You’ll have an image just good enough for record keeping.

Tap a button to send that image over to Evernote (or Google Docs), and the image gets OCR’ed. The text of the document becomes searchable.

It was an interesting thing to play with. I filed JotNot under “things that might be useful someday”.

On a separate track, I’ve been reading and learning a lot about food and cooking lately (using the most-excellent Cooking for Geeks as a starting point) and keeping a recipe file in Evernote. This is great for recipes I find online, but kind of a pain for recipes found in books and magazines.

But “clipping” recipes in JotNot, and shipping them off to Evernote works great. You get a clear(-ish) image of the recipe, completely indexed and searchable in Evernote.


Screen shot 2011-01-17 at 11.46.22 AM

Cool, right?

Some further notes:

  • JotNot can’t compensate for curved surfaces— like the page of a book that isn’t laying perfectly flat. This is why the recipe above looks a little weird.  I choose not to care that much.
  • I used the “pro” version of JotNot, and have a paid Evernote account. I can’t speak to how well this routine works with the free versions.
  • I totally want one of these.

Using Google Reader to see “deleted” blog posts

The internet doesn’t forget things.

If you come across a missing or deleted post that you want to read— for example, if you want to see what Newsweek’s Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs) is apologizing about, try subscribing to the blog in Google Reader.

Screen shot 2011-01-17 at 9.55.25 AM

Click “add”, and you might find the deleted post. In this case it’s not very interesting (Jared Loughner’s picture next to one of Steve Balmer), but I’ve found it a useful trick.