I’ll try to keep the meta-comments to a minimum 🙂
In my first few hours as Radio Userland user, I have a few general observations:

-I really will keep maintaining this weblog. I really mean it this time. Really.

-I kinda wished that Radio acted as a background server program, more like Apache and Quicktime Streaming Server, and less like desktop apps. There should certainly be a radio application, but it ought to be separate from the server.

-The OS X trend of distributing software as disk images, ready to burn on CD, is THE model for electronic software distribution, finally. I saved a copy of the email with my radio serial number in the disk image file, and burned the whle deal to a CD. poof! I now have a CD that I can use to install radio, and I don’t have to hunt for the serial number.

-I haven’t figured out how exactly I am supposed to make the FTP upstreaming work, but I will eventually have my Radio site mirrored to karchner.com