10 Eventgrinder Annoyances

Eventgrinder is the software that runs DC Tech Events and some other calendars.

  1. an extraneous ‘users’ system. The administrator has to set themselves up as an editor before doing most (but not all) editorial tasks
  2. when you log in, the system assumes you are there to submit an event
  3. there isn’t a good system for event-specific feedback, like corrections
  4. hard coded support for Mailchimp– and it breaks if someone tries to sign up for email before you’ve configured it
  5. doesn’t support RSS or other types of feeds, besides iCal
  6. uuuugly
  7. link submission/ approval doesn’t behave like the rest of the site
  8. difficult for a developer who isn’t me to approach
  9. The first-run experience for administrators is baffling
  10. it’s not obvious how to customize the look and feel, or if that’s even possible

some of those will be addressed soon.

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